Practical Help for Maintaining a Well-Behaved School Bus Environment

Anyone who has worked in school transportation understands the frustration of controlling and managing the behavior of dozens of students simultaneously. In the isolation of the school bus — your “office on wheels” — it can feel as though no one really understands your challenges or offers any real help.

The job of driving a school bus or performing the duties of an attendant on board a school bus is rewarding and meaningful. As school bus drivers and attendants, you transport millions of children everyday, often under challenging situations and environments. Managing the behavior of those children can be one of the toughest tasks you will be asked to do all day.

The good news is that the same old stuff works! The basic student management techniques — those great fundamentals that have worked for years — still work!

The “Creating a School Bus Safety Culture” Training Curriculum will help you create a physically safe place that transports students to an emotionally ready-to-learn environment. In this program, six building blocks to effective student management are explored, which, when put in place, reinforced and enforced, can change a chaotic bus environment into a true safety culture!

“Creating a School Bus Safety Culture” Training Curriculum

  • Instructor’s notes within a 3-ring binder
  • PowerPoint Presentation slides printed and on CD
  • 1- to 2-hour in-service lesson plan and materials for drivers and attendants
  • Creating a Bus Safety Culture – 20-minute companion video
  • One SAMPLE Workbook (additional workbooks sold separately)

There are no magic bullets or way to make student management on your bus easier. The foundation of solid student management does not change from year to year or even generation to generation.

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