January 6, 2020


The 2023 PDS is expected to be in-person this year!
Check this page in early January 2023 to sign up for your PDS class.

Cost: Free

2023 IN-PERSON PDS Key Points:

  • To continue your active status as an SBDI, you MUST attend a PDS every year. (Ex: If you become certified as an SBDI before March 31, 2023, you must attend the 2023 PDS.)
  • The 2023 PDS WILL NOT RE-OPEN after it closes, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES!
  • NO SUSPENSIONS will be granted.
  • If you do not complete the 2023 PDS, and do not have a verified catastrophic event in your life for Hardship approval, you will have to recertify as an SBDI if you want to continue performing the duties of an SBDI.
  • SBDI’s are ONLY ALLOWED to sign up for ONE PDS class.