January 6, 2020


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Cost: Free

The 2022 PDS will once again be held online due to concerns related to COVID. All active and suspended SBDIs will receive a letter by January 15, 2022 with information pertaining to the 2022 PDS. If you do not receive a letter, it is because your information may not be updated in the NYSED Database. Please contact PTSI immediately to update your information.


2022 PDS Online dates: March 1, 2022 thru May 31, 2022 ONLY

2022 Online PDS Key Points:

  • To continue your active status as an SBDI, you MUST attend a PDS every year. (Ex: If you become certified as an SBDI before February 28, 2022, you must attend the 2022 PDS.)
  • The 2022 PDS WILL NOT RE-OPEN after it closes on May 31, 2022, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES!
  • NO SUSPENSIONS will be granted this year.
  • The 2022 PDS will only be accessible by clicking on the REGISTER button on this page, starting March 1, 2022.
  • It is highly suggested that an SBDI does not wait until the last moment to take the 2022 PDS. This will delay shipping of the 2022 PDS Materials, risking not having them for your fall refreshers.
  • If you do not complete the online 2022 PDS, and do not have a verified catastrophic event in your life for Hardship approval, you will have to recertify as an SBDI if you want to continue performing the duties of an SBDI.
  • There will not be a requirement to complete a pre-session assignment for the 2022 PDS.
  • The 2022 Online PDS will be comprised of a 50- question, multiple choice, open book test.



Q: I did not receive my link and access code to start the course.

A: You should receive 2 emails after successfully registering for the PDS. The first email is a confirmation of your registration. The second email will contain the link and access code to begin the PDS. DON’T PANIC, this may take several minutes to receive after registration occurs. You may also want to check your junk or spam folders for this email.


Q: Can I take the PDS on my phone?

A: No. The 2022 PDS must be taken from a laptop, computer or tablet.


Q: Last year I filled out an SBDI Information Change Form, do I have to fill it out this year as well?

A: If you have registered for the 2021 PDS you already did! We have taken the information that you entered in order to register and updated your profile in the NYSED database.


Q: Where is the certificate I am supposed to send to PTSI after completion?

A: After clicking the download button on the certificate page, the certificate will automatically download to your computer. You will find it wherever your files download to on your computer.

PTSI is open under current CDC and NYS Guidelines and restrictions.
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