January 6, 2020


Check this page in early January 2024 to sign up for your PDS classYou will also be receiving a letter in early January. 

Cost: Free

2024 IN-PERSON PDS Key Points:

  • To continue your active status as an SBDI, you MUST attend a PDS every year. (Ex: If you become certified as an SBDI before March 31, 2024, you must attend the 2024 PDS.)
  • The 2024 PDS WILL NOT RE-OPEN after it closes, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES!
  • NO SUSPENSIONS will be granted.
  • If you do not complete the 2024 PDS, and do not have a verified catastrophic event in your life for Hardship approval, you will have to recertify as an SBDI if you want to continue performing the duties of an SBDI.


You are only allowed to sign up for ONE PDS Class.  If you register for more than ONE PDS class, we will randomly remove you from duplicate(s).

PDS #DateHostLocation Instructor(s)Register