January 6, 2020


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The 2021 PDS Online Class has now closed. Please submit your completed Pre-session Assignment Video and PDS Completion Certificate to PTSI, postmarked by June 25th.

This year’s PDS will once again be held ONLINE and will only only April 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021.

To continue your active status as an SBDI, you MUST attend a PDS every year. (If you become certified as an SBDI any time between April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021, you must attend the 2021 PDS.)

The online course will only be accessible via the PTSI website.

Download 2021 Pre-session Assignment


Q: I did not receive my link and access code to start the course.

A: You should receive 2 emails after successfully registering for the PDS. The first email is a confirmation of your registration. The second email will contain the link and access code to begin the PDS. DON’T PANIC, this may take several minutes to receive after registration occurs. You may also want to check your junk or spam folders for this email.


Q: The video stops playing and I can’t move forward. What do I do?

A: In order to move forward after the completion of each slide, please click the arrow button on the bottom right hand part of your screen ( > ). However, you are only able to click this button AFTER each slide or video has been completed.


Q: Can I take the PDS on my phone?

A: We do not recommend taking the PDS on your phone. The PDS is extremely important for the safety of transporting our children, so we highly recommend you take the PDS when you can give it your full attention. Although the PDS is accessible by using your phone, you will need access to a printer to print the final certificate.


Q: Last year I filled out an SBDI Information Change Form, do I have to fill it out this year as well?

A: If you have registered for the 2021 PDS you already did! We haven taken the information that you entered in order to register and updated it in the NYSED database


Q: Where is the certificate I am supposed to send to PTSI after completion?

A: After clicking the download button on the certificate page, the certificate will automatically download to your computer. You will find it where ever your files download on your computer.

PTSI is open under current CDC and NYS Guidelines and restrictions.
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