October 23, 2018

Consultation & Evaluative Studies

Not sure your transportation services are the most efficient or effective?  PTSI’s experienced consultants will assist your school district to identify potential at-risk conditions, minimize liabilities, increase efficiencies and optimize safety for the children under your charge!

Transporting students safely and in compliance with regulatory oversight, is a complex process. For most parents in your school district, the quality of transportation services becomes the measure for determining the success of the district as a whole!

Let PTSI’s consultants move your transportation department from safe to safer. Be proactive with your transportation concerns and build community confidence in school district leadership.

PTSI Consultant Services for School District Leaders to Consider:

  • Transportation Program Evaluation
  • Transporting Children with Disabilities Compliance Evaluation
  • School Site Safety Review
  • School Bus Fleet Management Evaluation
  • School Bus Stop Safety Evaluations
  • Transportation Program Efficiency Studies
  • RFP Development/Response Metrics
  •  Bus Route Safety and Efficiency Evaluations
  •  School Bus Accident Investigation Analysis
  • Transportation Training Program Evaluation
  •  Emergency Planning Assessments

PTSI can provide you with consultants who have extensive experience in transportation program management, evaluation and enhancement.

Contact us for more information or to submit a Request For Proposal (RFP).