August 15, 2017

Basic Monitor/Attendant Course (10-hour)

More information regarding NY State monitors and attendants qualifications and training requirements can be found here

NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

May 17, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 17, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 18, 2024WestchesterLillian Mills917-282-0361
May 20, 2024BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
May 20, 2024Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
May 21, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
May 22, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 23, 2024BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
May 23, 2024AlleghanyTammy Marble585-694-8876
May 24, 2024KingsBriggette Blyden718-419-8251
May 25, 2024BronxJose Encarnacion917-216-0480
May 27, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 28, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
May 28, 2024MontgomeryDavid Kinley518-842-0092
May 29, 2024OnondagaBarbara Seguin315-435-4842
May 30, 2024BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
May 31, 2024KingsBriggette Blyden718-419-8251
June 1, 2024KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
June 1, 2024BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
June 3, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 3, 2024NassauJosue Velez516-838-7206
June 3, 2024KingsJoAnn Tufaro646-886-0156
June 3, 2024BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
June 3, 2024Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
June 4, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
June 7, 2024KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
June 7, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 8, 2024KingsErtha Saint-Flavin718-282-7792
June 8, 2024BronxJose Encarnacion917-216-0480
June 10, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 10, 2024BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
June 11, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
June 14, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 15, 2024QueensMarisol Lopez718-805-4632
June 17, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 17, 2024KingsJoAnn Turfaro646-886-0156
June 17, 2024BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
June 18, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
June 20, 2024WestchesterKristene Reichard914-793-6130 xt. 4280
June 21, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 22, 2024BronxJose Encarnacion917-216-0480
June 24, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 24, 2024Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
June 24, 2024CattaraugusFrank DeFiore716-372-3137
June 25, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
June 25, 2024MontgomeryDavid Kinley518-842-0092
June 25, 2024Broome Elizabeth Fox607-744-7959
June 26, 2024TiogaJustin Williams607-687-8003
June 27, 2024NassauGuiseppe Bica516-265-9993
June 27, 2024RocklandEmil Bernado845-639-6380
June 28, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100