August 15, 2017

Basic Monitor/Attendant Course (10-hour)

More information regarding NY State monitors and attendants qualifications and training requirements can be found here

NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

9-21-2020BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
10-5-2020BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
10-19-2020BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
11-2-2020BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
11-16-2020BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
11-30-2020BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
10-3-2020BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
10-5-2020BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
10-19-2020BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
11-2-2020BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
11-14-2020BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
11-16-2020BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
10-17-2020SuffolkJason Callahan631-472-6480

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