August 15, 2017

Basic Monitor/Attendant Course (10-hour)

More information regarding NY State monitors and attendants qualifications and training requirements can be found here

NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

May 19, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
May 20, 2022BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 21, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
May 21, 2022KingsErtha Saint-Flavin718-282-7792
May 23, 2022Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
May 23, 2022BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 23, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
May 23, 2022KingsJo-Ann Tufaro646-886-0156
May 23, 2022DutchessQuayshaun Smith845-318-9469
May 24, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
May 24, 2022ClintonTammy LaBombard518-593-7869
May 27, 2022BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
May 30, 2022BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 1, 2022WestchesterSeth Corwin914-497-5823
June 1, 2022NassauSusun Soudant-Delloioio516-349-8200
June 2, 2022SaratogaDennis Haag518-746-3566
June 2, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
June 3, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 3, 2022WestchesterJohn Sharpe845-743-1476
June 4, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
June 4, 2022OswegoDeborah Stevens315-783-7611
June 6, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
June 6, 2022KingsJo-Ann Tufaro646-886-0156
June 6, 2022BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
June 6, 2022SuffolkSusan Soudant-Delloioio516-349-8200
June 6, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 7, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
June 10, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 10, 2022WestchesterJohn Sharpe845-743-1476
June 13, 2022KingsJo-Ann Tufaro646-886-0156
June 13, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 13, 2022Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
June 16, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
June 17, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 20, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
June 20, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 21, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
June 21, 2022ErieRob Hummel716-200-4763
June 24, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 27, 2022KingsJo-Ann Tufaro646-886-0156
June 27, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
June 27, 2022OrangeDawn Brown845-458-1290
June 27, 2022Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
June 28, 2022OnondagaPeter MacCrea315-492-1577
June 29, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
July 1, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 5, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 5, 2022Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
July 6, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
July 8, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 9, 2022QueensTeresa Culotta718-805-4632
July 11, 2022KingsJo-Ann Tufaro646-886-0156
July 11, 2022BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
July 11, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 12, 2022MonroeTodd Shero585-880-3191
July 14, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
July 15, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 18, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 18, 2022Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
July 19, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
July 22, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 25, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
July 28, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
July 29, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
August 2, 2022UlsterLawrence McCauley845-331-6680 ext. 1622
August 8, 2022BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
August 9, 2022MonroeJudy Camp585-787-3702