August 15, 2017

Basic Monitor/Attendant Course (10-hour)

More information regarding NY State monitors and attendants qualifications and training requirements can be found here

NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

September 22, 2022KingsLiana A. King-Merritt347-563-1829
September 22, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
September 23, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
September 26, 2022ChemungDebra Peck607-735-3955
September 26, 2022OrangeRick Tedaldi845-561-2671 ext. 101
September 26, 2022RocklandBarbara McIntosh845-371-0800
September 26, 2022Staten IslandArden Daleus347-630-7109
September 27, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
September 30, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 1, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-4095606
October 1, 2022KingsYomaria Alvarez718-521-0005
October 3, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 3, 2022SuffolkElizabeth Estes631-943-6831
October 3, 2022KingsJoAnn Tufaro646-886-0156
October 3, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
October 3, 2022BronxAnne M. Smith718-684-7700
October 3, 2022MonroeKimberly McGrath585-647-9360
October 4, 2022WestchesterYaniry Vasquez646-525-6149
October 4, 2022ClintonMelissa Seymour518-572-6214
October 6, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
October 7, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 8, 2022OnondagaDeborah L. Stevens315-783-7611
October 10, 2022KingsJoAnn Tufaro646-886-0156
October 10, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 11, 2022ErieRob Hummel716-200-4763
October 11, 2022MonroeJohn Eaton585-247-4774
October 11, 2022FultonNancy Christman518-993-3702
October 12, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
October 13, 2022KingsYomaria Alvarez718-521-0005
October 13, 2022KingsLiana A. King-Merritt347-563-1829
October 14, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 15, 2022QueensTeresa M. Culotta718-805-4632
October 15, 2022OntarioLee Ann Shipman585-314-7051
October 17, 2022BronxJoAnn Tufaro646-886-0156
October 17, 2022BronxZaida Biascochea718-409-5606
October 17, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 17, 2022SuffolkKimberly Berezny631-877-6148
October 20, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
October 21, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 24, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 25, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
October 27, 2022NassauMaryjane E. Morgan516-857-8102
October 27, 2022KingsLiana A. King-Merritt347-563-1829
October 27, 2022UlsterLawrence McCauley845-331-5050 ext 1622
October 28, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
October 29, 2022ErieDebra Brodka716-207-3638
October 31, 2022BronxJoAnn Tufaro646-886-0156
October 31. 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
November 3, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
November 4, 2022KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
November 4, 2022BronxMaria S. Caro718-292-8100
November 5, 2022SuffolkMichael Baskerville631-472-6480
November 7, 2022ErieKristin Wells716-588-7766
November 14, 2022BronxAnne M. Smith718-684-7700
November 15, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
November 17, 2022KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
November 21, 2022FranklinFrancis C. Barney315-262-4479
November 29, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
December 1, 2022KingsLiana A. King-Merritt347-563-1829
December 8, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
December 13, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
December 15, 2022KingsLiana A. King-Merritt347-563-1829
December 20, 2022BronxSandra Lopez347-698-6659
January 9, 2023RocklandJames Rogan845-821-3006