May 9, 2017

About PTSI


Pupil Transportation Safety Institute, a NYS-based nonprofit, has been servicing the school transportation industry since 1994. Formed as a training company providing services to the New York State Education Department, Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI) has grown to an internationally recognized supplier of school bus driver training, management services, and safety resources.

The primary areas of PTSI’s work include:

  • Training Courses & Certifications: Some of our most notable courses include the annual Professional Development Seminar (PDS), 19-A Certification Course, 19-A CE Refresher, and School Bus Driving Instructor (SBDI).
  • Safety & Resource Materials: Find a broad range of training, safety, and resource materials in support of the goal for safe transportation for children for school transportation carriers in New York State and across the country.
  • Consultation & Evaluative Studies: School transportation efficiency and compliance safety studies for school districts, bus contractors, and state agencies.

Additionally, PTSI provides program development, management professional development, driver instruction, train-the-trainer courses, and more…

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, PTSI is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of a national base of esteemed professionals, representing various aspects of the pupil transportation industry. The Board sets the policies and strategic vision for PTSI in carrying out its mission. The Board welcomes your counsel and feedback.

Board of Directors

Nikki Hughes, Board of Directors President
Ron Kinney, Board of Directors Vice President
Jaime Gallego, Board of Directors Treasurer
Kanoe Cockett, Board of Directors Secretary
Kay Strand, Director

Office Staff

Kathleen Furneaux, Executive Director, Senior Operations/Safety Consultant, ext. 301
Chasity Neivel, Graphic Design Specialist/Office Manager, ext. 304
Lorraine Sanders, Online Sales & Data Specialist, ext. 302
Michael Woodworth, IT Specialist, ext. 303
Randall Price, Training Development Specialist, ext. 305
Maria Carocci, Training Development Specialist, ext. 308
Debra Sisson, Training Development Specialist, ext. 300

PTSI has decided to postpone ALL PTSI COURSES through April 30th due to recent updates from both State and Federal governments. We will revisit the situation as we approach the month of May. We will work to reschedule these course as soon as we can and we will notify you immediately of the change in date and location (if needed). All payments for current courses will be granted and put toward use for a future course of the same registration.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this chaotic time.
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