July 25, 2017

Basic Driver Course (30-hour)

The NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

May 15, 2021WestchesterLillian Hills 917-282-0361
May 24, 2021UlsterDawn Rufino914-443-0787
June 4, 2021MonroeThomas Furtner585-392-1000 x7402
June 5, 2021QueensTeresa Culotta718-805-4632
June 28, 2021SaratogaValerie Parker518-881-0240

PTSI is open under current CDC and NYS Guidelines and restrictions.
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