July 25, 2017

Basic Driver Course (30-hour)

The NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

April 6, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
April 6, 2024BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
April 12, 2024OtsegoKenneth Starr607-372-0043
April 15, 2024RocklandJames Rogan845-821-3006
April 18, 2024KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
April 20, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
April 20, 2024BronxJose Encarnacion917-216-0480
April 22, 2024SteubenPaulette Frycek607-738-3320
April 22, 2024OswegoWendy Steele315-559-1886
April 22, 2024OneidaEdward Gray III315-792-2212
May 3, 2024DelawareAllyson Hallick607-335-1324
May 4, 2024SuffolkAnthony Reid631-472-6480
May 4, 2024KingsJoAnn Tufaro718-336-8987
May 5, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
May 5, 2024BronxAnne Smith718-684-7700
May 16, 2024KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
May 18, 2024BronxJose Encarnacion917-216-0480
May 18, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100
June 1, 2024KingsLorraine Raposo631-764-0510
June 13, 2024KingsYomaira Alvarez718-521-0005
June 15, 2024BronxJose Encarnacion917-216-0480
June 27, 2024SaratogaLourdes Valenzi518-881-0240
June 27, 2024ErieAngela Negroni716-796-7554
June 29, 2024BronxMaria Caro718-292-8100