July 25, 2017

Basic Driver Course (30-hour)

The NYSED Basic, Advanced, and Monitor courses are offered and instructed by independent SBDIs (School Bus Driver Instructors). Therefore, PTSI cannot offer support or changes to these courses. You must contact the instructor at the appropriate location.

Upcoming Courses

April 6, 2020DutchessGeorge Treadwell(845) 229-4066
April 6, 2020TompkinsDonna Boyce(607) 257-1551
April 6, 2020UlsterGrace Ogden(845) 338-5809
April 6, 2020MonoreBeverly Disalvo(585) 458-3230
April 6, 2020WestchesterJohn Coxen(845) 531-8244
April 6, 2020NassauBenjamin Pennock(516) 642-3764
April 6, 2020UlsterTimothy Christian(518) 227-9661
April 8, 2020PutnamNathanael Spence(845) 279-4700 x5012
April 13, 2020RocklandBarbara McIntosh(845) 371-0800
April 13, 2020BronxZaida Biascochea(718) 409-5606
April 17, 2020OtsegoMatthew Thompson(607) 373-1591
April 18, 2020KingsManuel Otero(917) 337-4185
April 20, 2020UlsterLawrence McCauley(845) 331-5050 x1622
April 20, 2020OrangeMike Musante(845) 561-2671
April 20, 2020NassauBarbara Nelson(516) 445-8439
April 20, 2020MonroeBruce Miller(585) 647-9360
April 20, 2020KingsJoAnn Tufaro(718) 336-8987
April 20, 2020SullivanDouglas De Veau(845) 798-5706
May 3, 2020BronxSandra Lopez(347) 591-0702
May 4, 2020SuffolkTinamarie Rosario(631) 639-0050
May 9, 2020BronxAnne Smith(718) 684-7700
May 11, 2020WestchesterBaltazar Velez(914) 755-2080
May 11, 2020SuffolkSteve Ingoglia(631) 665-3245 x4163
June 26, 2020SaratogaBelinda Govich(518) 307-5250

PTSI has decided to postpone ALL PTSI COURSES through April 30th due to recent updates from both State and Federal governments. We will revisit the situation as we approach the month of May. We will work to reschedule these course as soon as we can and we will notify you immediately of the change in date and location (if needed). All payments for current courses will be granted and put toward use for a future course of the same registration.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this chaotic time.
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