September 11, 2023

ONLINE School Bus Dispatcher Course


Price of Course:  $160

The Online version of the School Bus Dispatcher Course gives you the same benefits and knowledge as the in-person version, with the added benefit of taking it at your own pace and on your own time!

The School Bus Dispatcher is the central hub of the transportation operation. A professional, dedicated Dispatcher can be the difference between an efficient operation or complete disorder. Dispatchers are the front line of defense and may recognize the signs that a driver might not be in the right condition, either mentally or physically, to be behind the wheel.

This course is designed to teach dispatchers the skills necessary to complete tasks more efficiently, update their current level of communication skills, improve customer service, as well as provide proven techniques to reduce stress and manage time more efficiently and effectively.

What This Course Teaches

  • Techniques to develop and enhance communication skills, which in turn, can help to improve the overall safety and efficiency of the operation. 
  • Discover specific ways to improve customer service and build positive relationships with drivers and community.
  • Contribute to and even directly influence positive employee morale.
  • Document citizen and parent complaints.
  • Effectively manage their time and as a result, reduce both their personal and professional stress level.Refund Policy
  • And much more…


Please note, when registering you must provide your own email address. If you do not have a working email, you may enter an alternate email address in the CC field. Thank you.


To RESTART the ONLINE SCHOOL BUS DISPATCHER COURSE after registering, click here. (Must use computer the course was started on and you must have your personal activation key available to continue.)