An Online Training Program for New Bus Drivers! (Available September 2020)

PTSI’s Online Entry-Level Driver Training program provides the required knowledge for new drivers applying for their CDL with Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsements.

PTSI Online Entry-Level Driver Training Program:

Meet mandatory training requirements on all core CDL curriculum areas

Automatically administer quizzes and final certification exam

Provide real-time reporting for school or state admin

Save time and money with online training that students can take from anywhere

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This program teaches new school bus drivers the fundamentals of operating a commercial vehicle before they get behind the wheel of a bus.

PTSI has also developed an ELDT BTW Trainer’s Guide which will guide the delivery of the Behind the Wheel portions of the requirement for both BTW Closed Range and BTW Public Road portions.

The ELDT BTW Trainer’s Guide will help employers and districts meet the upcoming FMCSA standards and has the potential to help an operation reduce incidents and collisions plaguing new drivers in that first and second year.

Why Online Training?

Deliver Better Training for LESS Money

Online training is less expensive than hiring an instructor for the same number of hours. Assign the ELDT Online Theory program for trainees to complete at their own pace, so your instructors can spend their time on in-person review and discussions on key curriculum areas.


Benefits to Drivers

PTSI’s Online Theory program develops critical skills such as how to prepare the vehicle for optimum visibility, compensating for environmental factors, driving defensively, and reacting to potentially dangerous traffic situations.

Program Consultant John Wyatt monitors Amber Brown as she navigates the course during the driver trainer instructor training at Franklin County High School. Brown has been driving a bus for three years after her aunt, a bus driver in Boone County, encouraged her to give it a try. 
Photo by Amy Wallot, July 9, 2014

Benefits to Trainers

PTSI’s Online Theory program frees trainers to focus their time on teaching new drivers behind the wheel after basic theory has been mastered. PTSI maintains secure student data and proof of certification upon training completion.


Online Training Benefits

Easy to Use

From registration to course completion, clear directions make navigating the course a breeze.


Access the course from any internet-enabled device at any time. Plus, save your place to continue the course later.


Our content is designed specifically for School Bus drivers and is continually updated to ensure it meets the latest regulations.


Pay only for the training that you need. PTSI offers pricing that fits your usage — and ensures that it’s money well-spent!


Videos, animations, and quizzes make the course interesting and help you retain the information.

FMCSA Standards

This program meets the FMCSA MAP-21 for School Bus Drivers and will store training data for the TPR** database.


Course completion certificate will be created automatically upon finishing the program, and information will be recorded for the TPR** database.


PTSI’s ELDT Online Theory program has been made for you to enjoy!

PTSI 25 years of training experience

Behind-the-Wheel Range & Road Trainer’s Guide

PTSI’s Behind-the-Wheel Range & Road Trainer’s Guide is created for specifically school bus drivers to meet the Behind the Wheel (BTW) portions of the FMCSA ELDT requirement for both Range and Road portions. The Trainer’s Guide gives instructors with coaching techniques to assist the new drivers through the range and defines what “proficiency” looks like for the driver to be successful on the behind the wheel road portion of their training. The Range & Road Trainer’s Guide provides a comprehensive plan to meet FMCSA standards for setting up the range course required training in your own open lot, as well as identifying the necessary public road characteristics and circumstances needed for the driver to meet Federal CDL driving standards and requirements.

PTSI offers cost-effective, ELDT-compliant theory training that can be used for
1 or 100 new trainees.

PTSI’s Online Training program will support small to mid-size school districts, contractors, and transportation providers.

Our pricing structure is based on fleet size and expected number of new drivers that will be trained in the upcoming year.

Need to Train Large Numbers of Driver Candidates Online with PTSI?  

PTSI offers competitive pricing for contractors and school districts who want to put all their candidates through this effective and cost-efficient training.

Single Key pricing starts at $150 with volume discounts for purchasing keys in bulk! 


Specialized Course for School Bus Drivers

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