Entry Level Driving Training (ELDT)

An Online Training Program for New Bus Drivers! Available Now!

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What is it?

The Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) federally required training goes into effect February 7, 2022. It is a national mandate for new driver training.  The regulation calls for drivers training in three separate parts:

  • Part 1: Theory (Classroom – in Person or Online)
  • Part 2: Range (Closed Obstacle Type Course)
  • Part 3: Road (Public Highway)

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Why PTSI’s Online Theory Training?

PTSI has opted to provide the ELDT Theory part of this mandated training in an online platform, which provides school districts and bus companies the convenience of having their new drivers train at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. Because new trainees come to your on-staff Trainers already prepared for the range and road parts of the mandated training, there will be less time demand required of your Trainers.

Affordable Options!

Individual Access Keys for ELDT Online Theory:

  • 1-25 access keys: $150 each key
  • 26-100 access keys: $120 each key
  • 101-999 access keys: $100 each key
  • 1000+ access keys: $75 each key

Each key once activated grants access for 1 year. Participant can try until they pass, once they pass, or 12 months has expired, the key is no longer valid. The user can start and stop the program at any point during the course and resume right where they left off! This function is only available when accessing the course from the computer the course originated on.

The pricing also includes:

  • Hosting
  • Regulatory monitoring, updating, and reporting
  • IT Management and support
  • Administrative support
  • Admin access panel for company administrator



Coming Soon!

ELDT Range & Road Trainer’s Manual

PTSI is currently developing written range and road manuals for school districts and bus companies to provide for their trainers.

The ELDT Range & Road Manual will include the specifications for setting up the obstacle style closed range for entry level driver trainees to perform the necessary skills required to become proficient in operating a school bus.  This manual will include the following Trainer guidance:

  • How to set up the range course
  • How to design a road course
  • Tips on coaching the driver
  • Criteria to determine proficiency
  • Documentation procedures

For more information, contact PTSI today!

Contact: Kathy Furneaux: Kathy@ptsi.org, 800-836-2210 (ext. 301)