Create a Bully-free School Bus Environment

It’s time to stop bullying and harassment on the school bus and create bully-free school bus environment. In today’s world, bullying can have serious, even tragic, effects on our passengers. Younger children and students with disabilities are especially vulnerable to bullying, but even older students are at risk. Many incidents of school violence are at least partly the result of relentless bullying.

The negative impact of bullying is not limited to violence. Less dramatic but just as serious are the daily stress children must endure in an environment dominated by a bully. Every child deserves a safe and enjoyable bus ride.

What can you do as a school bus driver or attendants? Prevent bullying before it starts. Prevention is more effective than punishment. Creating a respectful environment on your bus starts at the beginning of the school year. Let your passengers know that bullying or harassment will not be tolerated on your bus.

“Growing Respect on Your Bus” teaches school bus drivers and attendants the importance of establishing a respectful, secure, bully-free school bus environment. Draws on the experience of nationally recognized anti-bullying experts and the success of drivers and attendants.

The Growing Respect DVD, Workbook and Training Curriculum will help you:

  • Identify bullying and harassment
  • How do these actions hurt children
  • How can you prevent bullying and harassment on your bus

Grow Respect on Your Bus. It’s Time to End Bullying on the Bus.

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