What You Must Know About Transporting Students with Special Needs Seminars Coming in 2021

A one-day seminar for Transportation Directors, Bus Drivers, Special Needs Staff and Liaisons, IEP Facilitators, OT/PTs. 

Presented by Kathy Furneaux

kathy furneaux

PTSI’s Executive Director Kathleen Furneaux has been involved in the pupil transportation industry for more than 40 years. Kathy sits on the Advisory Board for STN’s Transporting Students with Disabilities National Conference, is a Master Instructor, and holds NAPT’s CDPT, CPTDI and SNT certifications.

This seminar will address the following topics related to transporting students with special needs:

• The 13 Categories of IDEA and Strategies for the School Bus
• Section 504 and the Impact for Transportation
• Least Restrictive Environment – Transporting on the Continuum
• 10 Day Rule – What Does It Mean for discipline on the Bus?
• Length of Day Issues for Transporters
• Inclusion – How Does This Change What We Do?
• The Role of the Behavior Intervention Plan on the School Bus
• Loading Zone and Transportation Access Compliance
• Importance of Documentation – What, Where & Who?
• Confidence, Communication & Relationships

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What Others Are Saying About This Seminar:

  • “This is the first real Special Needs training I’ve received.  I wish I had gotten it 12 years ago when I first started working in school transportation. Thanks!”
  • “The issues that were addressed can be confusing to someone who has not had a significant amount of experience in the area. The material was presented in such a way as to lay the foundation for those who are new, and to reinforce the information for us old folks. It was an excellent day!”
  • “I would absolutely recommend this training.  The information I received was excellent; more than I thought possible! I can’t imagine trying to wish for more.”
  • “This is a very important and broad topic and hard to assimilate all of it. This workshop really helps put it all together.”
  • “This seminar was very useful because we all have so many different views on transporting ESE students. Everything that I and my team needed to know was explained. Truly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend to others.”
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