Entry Level Driving Training (ELDT) Created by PTSI

In less than a year the training of new drivers applying for a Commercial Driver’s License will change significantly. You can rely on PTSI for the training to meet these new requirements!

View the new minimum training standards for CDL drivers here.

PTSI is developing online theory curriculum for school bus transportation professionals to meet the requirements of the “theory” portion of this new requirement. This is a new and exciting driver training tool.  Consequently, the positive aspects of the PTSI online training program are:

  • Each driver candidate learns at their own pace.
  • Each driver candidate can take the training based on their schedule – individual and convenient.
  • Candidates will be able to start and stop and begin again right where they left off.
  • Candidates will download a participant workbook to use during the course and for future reference.

For more information, please register at: https://ptsi.org/eldt/

Trainer’s Guides

PTSI will also be providing ELDT Trainer’s Guides which design and guide the delivery of the Behind the Wheel (BTW) portions of the requirement for both BTW Range and BTW Road portions. As a result, these guides will be a comprehensive plan for setting up the range course and providing the required training in your own open lot. The BTW Road Guide will identify the necessary road characteristics and circumstances needed for the driver to meet the requirements. Finally, both Trainer’s Guides will identify what “proficiency” looks like behind the wheel for the driver to be successful.

25th Anniversary Logo

PTSI has more than 25 years of experience in developing training for the pupil transportation industry and is currently in the process of becoming certified as a registered training provider for the ELDT.


Need to Train Large Numbers of Driver Candidates Online with PTSI?  

PTSI will have volume discounts for school districts and contractors who want to put all their candidates through this effective and cost efficient training.  Contact PTSI Sales at (800) 836-2210 x 310 for more information. 

For more information, please register at: https://ptsi.org/eldt/

PTSI is open under current CDC and NYS Guidelines and restrictions.
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