November 26, 2018

Transportation Expertise

Kathleen Furneaux

Kathleen Furneaux, PTSI Executive Director

PTSI’s Executive Director Kathleen Furneaux has been involved in the pupil transportation industry for more than 39 years. Kathleen first started her career as a substitute school bus monitor on a special needs route, becoming a driver, trainer and ultimately Transportation Director. Ms. Furneaux holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Columbia University, and holds NAPT’s CDPT, CPTDI and SNT certifications. In 1997, she became a Training Specialist for the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute in Syracuse, New York, and was appointed Executive Director of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute in 2004. She is also a Master Instructor for the NYS Education Department, and has served on the NYS Education Department Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee since 2002.

Ms. Furneaux has been a guest speaker at many national and state conferences all across the U.S. and Canada. She sits on the Advisory Board for the STN Transporting Students with Disabilities National Conference, the Editorial Board of Safe Ride News, and the Accident Review Board for Centro Bus in Syracuse and Utica. Ms. Furneaux is the co-editor of the New York State Laws & Regs for School Bus Drivers & Attendants published by PTSI and has served on several writing committees for the National School Bus Specifications and Operations Congress from 2005 through to the present.

In 2003 Ms. Furneaux was awarded the NAPT/Sure-Lok Special Needs Transportation Award for her contribution to the industry. In 2005 she was given the NYAPT Friend of NYAPT Award and in 2013 was acknowledged for her contribution to NSTA’s school bus security training project. Kathleen has been a NYS delegate to the National Congress in 2005, 2010, 2015 and is currently working on the 2020 manual content revisions.

Kathleen has 7 wonderful sons and daughters, and is grandmother to 14 “loves of her life”.

Maria Carocci

Maria Carocci,
PTSI Trainer

Maria Carocci is a Training Development Specialist at PTSI, with a history of more than 23 years in the transportation industry. Ms. Carocci started as a Student Behavior Liaison at a transportation center in upstate NY for 17 years.

Ms. Carocci has an associate’s degree in Human Services-Mental Health. She is a certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer for 8 years through Cornell University, and is currently, a certified SBDI and 19-A examiner.

Maria lives in the Adirondack mountains and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and being outdoors.


Randall Price

Randall Price is a Training Development Specialist at PTSI, concentrating on online course design. Randall has 11 years experience in the transportation industry. Mr. Price started as a special needs school bus driver, where he competed for several years in local and state “Road-eo” competitions, placing 2nd in the national competition.

In addition to driving special needs and wheelchair buses, Mr. Price has been a driver trainer, dispatcher, hiring manager, safety coordinator, and field supervisor before joining PTSI.  Randall is a NYS certified SBDI (school bus driver instructor), and is in the process of becoming a certified as a 19-A certified examiner.

Randall lives in Clay, New York and has five children, his oldest son has also been in the school bus and trucking industry for over 5 years. Randall enjoys playing and watching sports, traveling, museums, and reading.