August 16, 2017


Iowa State Specific Student Management "Creating a Bus Safety Culture" Training Curriculum

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This Curriculum has been customized for Iowa State.

Today’s drivers are asking for up-to-date information to help them manage student behavior on their buses. We’ve responded to their needs with this 1- to 2-hour flexible lesson plan. Included is a DVD to show drivers and attendants there is no “magic potion” for student management – it takes hard work to get the job done. Six suggestions are explored, which, when put in place, reinforced and enforced, can change a chaotic bus environment into a safety culture!

  • Instructor’s notes within a 3-ring binder
  • PowerPoint Presentation slides printed and on CD
  • 1- to 2-hour in-service lesson plan and materials for drivers and attendants
  • Creating a Bus Safety Culture – 20-minute companion video
  • One SAMPLE Workbook (additional workbooks sold separately)


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