May 10, 2017

Train the Trainer

Price of Course: $875.00

PTSI’s Training Academy will provide training tools needed by the school bus transportation trainer – who often wears many hats – in operations both large and small. These tools will help trainers provide clear, concise training to drivers and attendants in their operation. This one-of-a-kind workshop teaches trainers how to teach, by providing knowledge and skills needed to train drivers and attendants correctly the first time, instead of learning by trial and error. Trainers should feel proud of what they already know, but completing this multi-level training academy will make training easier and more effective, increasing the overall safety of your operation by improving specific training skills of the trainer!

The 5 levels can be taken all at once or one at a time. Each level builds on the previous level and must be completed in order. A certificate will be given at the completion of each level.

Please note, when registering you must provide your own email address. If you do not have a working email, you may enter an alternate email address in the CC field. Thank you.

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PTSI has decided to postpone ALL PTSI COURSES through April 30th due to recent updates from both State and Federal governments. We will revisit the situation as we approach the month of May. We will work to reschedule these course as soon as we can and we will notify you immediately of the change in date and location (if needed). All payments for current courses will be granted and put toward use for a future course of the same registration.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this chaotic time.
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